Versa Flypack to the Rescue

Easy to transport, roll, carry, and stage, the Bigfoot Versa Flypack loves to travel.

Several flights, multiple set locations, various workplace terrain, and different modes of transportation make the Versa Flypack the ultimate system set-up for the mobile specialist. When it comes to packing up your intricate equipment set-ups quickly, efficiently, and safely, the Versa Flypack is there to ensure the protection of your system—no matter how large or small.

SUV friendly, this low cabinet style cart was designed with the on-the-go production artist in mind. The clam shell system includes built-in monitoring and all of the standard, quality Bigfoot Mobile features that make this system like no other on the market—completely customizable to you, your industry, and your needs.

A pivotal model of Bigfoot Mobile Roadie Series, the Versa Flypack has served several clients. Most recently, it is utilized in primary and secondary educational establishments, worship facilities, and in the industries of partners who need to take their equipment’s mobility to the next level.

The Bigfoot Versa Flypack is built with the Bigfoot rubber shock mounted aluminum rack frame that Bigfoot Mobile Systems is esteemed for.

Wheel options include the standard “Flat Free,” no maintenance 6 inch or 8 inch gliding ride wheels. Standard 19 inch rack sections can be purchased in 12RU, 14RU and 16RU total cabinets. The racks are open to customization as it can include wide cabinets to house your MACPRO, combined with 19 inch regular rack space.

Bigfoot Mobile Systems can help you engineer the important details specific to you and your needs. The Bigfoot Versa Flypack can simply be staged on a basic table top or it can be combined with our optional extruded aluminum, folding stand for in-use operation. Open rear access to connection panels and integration of items is a snap.

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