Amazon Custom System

When, the biggest online retailer of the United States, contacted us in need of a string of systems, we were thrilled and eager to accommodate every unique need they expressed.

Highlights of their systems include:

1) Custom color Single Rack cart built for the Roland VR-HD50 A/V Streaming Video system.

2) Includes camera monopod mount on rear.

3) “Shock rack” design

4) Lift-off table extension

5) 21”x20” deep Bigfoot aluminum keyboard/mouse drawer

6) Custom connection panel

Whether you need to increase the efficiency of your work as a DIT on set or need to manage the day-to-day operation of a project or company, here at Bigfoot Mobile Systems, we realize that each client needs a one-of-a-kind innovative design and customized features to their system.

We strongly believe a well-constructed and personalized system plays an irreplaceable role in any and every industry or project.

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