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  • How much will my Bigfoot Mobile System cost?
    Final investment amount very much depends on the model and options you choose. We will help you determine the most strategic system package to fit both your needs and your budget.
  • How do I know which model is best for me?
    We have a wide range of criteria in which we cover in a one-on-one design consultation. In this conversation, we discuss your equipment, your line of work, where you'll be taking your system, how many people will be using it, and much more. This equips us with the knowledge needed in order to know which system will best suit your needs.
  • What is the lead time on a Bigfoot Mobile System?
    In terms of lead times, three factors come into play: 1. Production workflow. From the date when an order is placed and your deposit is received, we work your order into our current production line project flow. We plan several important phases for each build, prioritizing work based on when the invoice for the deposit was received and any build/shipping premiums. 2. Potential outsourced phases. Portions of a project that need to be outsourced (such as custom parts, color anodizing, et. al.) will affect your build-completion date. We will let you know during the quoting process if there will be delays as we must account for the extra time these outsourced services require as well as transport/shipping time between specialty vendors and Bigfoot Mobile Systems. 3. Your/your client’s deadline for the order. If you or your client have a hard deadline for integration/buildout planning, it is our goal to take your time constraints into account, so we need you to notify us immediately if you are aware of any desired/hard-dates for receiving your Bigfoot Mobile System. We will provide you an updated estimate if a rush order is required to meet a shorter-than-usual deadline.
  • Can I buy a Bigfoot Mobile System fully integrated?
    Yes! Bigfoot Mobile Systems can be completely integrated units. Systems can be wired together, delivered to you ready to use, empty and awaiting integration, or anywhere in between.
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