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The story of Bigfoot Mobile Systems began in 1999. While doing contract work for the Oakland Raiders and Pixar, president and founder Doug Solis, was doing routine contract maintenance to videotape decks dispersed around two large facilities and became tired of the hassle of dealing with cheap, two-shelf AV carts that the desks were typically stuck in.


Doug knew there had to be a more professional and convenient way to deal with this kind of gear and work. 

Typical of most entrepreneurs, Doug set out to improve his own situation and inefficiencies. In addition, his goal was to come up with a way to minimize the interruptions with the Raiders coaching staff as they were not fond of having their decks inoperable or being interrupted to get them fixed!


Rather than have a bunch of gear spread out on desks or on top of each other, the answer was an “all-in-one integrated mobile cart” that could be wheeled anywhere and handle a serious payload. A prototype was built and brought to the clients. After a few revisions, the first Bigfoot Cart for the Oakland Raiders was born!

After realizing that a wood-based product design would not be sufficient for a lightweight mobile production platform, the use of unique European aluminum framing materials was implemented and that was the true beginning of a unique functional model design. The original “Classic Series” was the flagship of Bigfoot Mobile Systems.

With the advent AV production equipment becoming smaller and the creation of RED digital cameras around 2005, the movie and commercial production business was revolutionized and Bigfoot Mobile Systems was ready to fill the need for the new On-Set systems required.


Many markets and configurations later, they say "the rest is history," but we say "the Proof is in the Pushin'!"

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