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Bigfoot Mobile Systems offers a wide range of customizing options that will enhance your chosen core model and serve you well in your television, film, or live production line of work.

Why Bigfoot?

Film, television, and production poses a unique set of challenges. This includes, but is not limited to, issues in moving from set to set, through varying terrain, and the time and energy taken to set up, tear down, pack up, and get moving. 

Bigfoot Mobile Systems is the intelligent solution to a laundry list of problems that plague the film industry through core models and options that have been refined by years of experience.


Studio System
DIT Compact System
On Set System
Bigfoot WETA Split-Apart base
Weta Digital Split-Apart Cart
WETA On-set
Processing on set 8!
Processing on set!
Processing on set 7!
Processing on set 6!
Processing on set 4!
Processing on set 5!
Processing on set 2!
Processing on set 3!
Kevin Mcknight producers cart lg
Bigfoot Double wide MAC System2
Buntefarben Bigfoot installed in Sprinter Van
David V2 cart in action (3)
Steven Kuns integrated sml
Lightiron Digital at Disney Muppetts shoot with Bigfoot cart -web
Bigfoot Side ops cart with in-lid flip up monitor and lower drawer slideout_edited
Jonny Revolt On-Set_edited
von thomas and his Bigfoot cart from REDUSER3
Bigfoot 3RU Versa Flypak_edited
Zoic finished pic_edited
Bigfoot Cart with Lite-lid Roadie style monitor lid Side operator up to 32inch monitor_edited
Side Operator with dual C-stand mounts, MACPRO Drawer, 2RU Split-Apart base
Von Thomas Double MAC Bigfoot
Scott Mason Hawaii
Von Thomas DIT on-set with Bigfoot
Von Thomas DIT at work
Von Thomas Bigfoot brothers on Set 2014
Versa Flypak Blue with 5RU '3RU main rack-2RU upper short rack', drawer slideout, optional second si
Versa RED Production Flypak
von thomas and his Bigfoot cart
Vern&Glenn  3D shoot OnSET stuff!
Steven Kuns On-set
OFFHOLYWOOD 3D shoot with Bigfoot
Jon Mendenhall MAC DIT
Bigfoot Side ops with MAC and Multi- babypin mounts etc
Mitch Bax on the roof! -
Mitch Bax on set
Michael Romano Bigfoot  with monitors on
Lightcraft Installed
John Waterman's Bigfoot on set
Bigfoot,.Split-Apart Steven Kuns integrated_edited
Lightiron Bigfoot DIT cart
IMAX-Bigfoot  Split-apart carts on set
Front to Bax cables
John Waterman's Bigfoot on set 2
Front to Bax Bigfoot producers cart, with 2 babypin mount monitors
Front to Bax Bigfoot cart with tapped plate
Dominick on set 1
IMAX Bigfoot Cart integrated
Bigfoot Cart with Lite-lid Roadie style monitor lid Side operator up to 32inch monitor_edited
Encore Mobilab Bigfoot cart with liftoff lid-table option
Encore Bigfoot MAC N RACK 2014
Encore Bigfoot Roadie MAC N RACK 2014 Mobilab cart
Front to Bax  front_edited
Eli Berg on set
Eli Berg 2014 MAC N Rack Classic II Dual monitors cropped
Domicks-Bigfoot MAC N Rack cart on set
davids cart
Colorwave Bigfoot MAC N RACK 2
Colorwave Bigfoot on set
Colorwave MAC N RACK  cart
Company 3-E-Film, Hollywood
Company 3,Bigfoot on set outside Sprinter van
Bigfoot Versa with Monitor lid shade option 2
Bigfoot Split-apart Side Operator Cube cart with integral lid, lower 1RU rack
Bigfoot Versa Cube with in-lid rackmount monitors
Bigfoot Split-apart Cart with In-lid monitor storage and rack space area, offset wheel style
Bigfoot with Flip up monitor rack on Hawaii Five-O set
Bigfoot Split-apart Cubes Dual MONITORS with 3RU swing up rack
Bigfoot Split-apart in Hawaii - with swing up rack etc. upper noga arm
Bigfoot triple monitor mount set up, upper Control drawer
Bigfoot systems sighting 2012 Resident Evil Set
Bigfoot Solid inset top with Dual removable monitor mounts
Bigfoot Split-apart cart with 1Beyond Wrangler, MACDude portable, color panel and LTO Backup, dual m
Bigfoot Split-apart cart for Bertoni Visuals 2012, thunderbolt based
Bigfoot Side ops with MAC drawer
Bigfoot Side operator with 10inch wheels
Bigfoot Side Operator Split-Apart with two monitors sml
Bigfoot Side Ops 2 Piece Split-Apart cart with 2RU base, KB drawer, 3RU swing up rack mount, In lid
Bigfoot Side Ops Cart with Dual C-stand mounts
Bigfoot Side ops with MAC and laptop
Bigfoot 'Side Operator' Split-Apart System Cart with Dual monitors open
Bigfoot Side operator Cart with dual 6inch babypin removable mounts
Bigfoot Side operator 3 piece Split-apart cart
Bigfoot Side operator 3 piece cart Split-apart
Bigfoot RackPLus for EPS-Cineworks
Bigfoot Roadie Series Dual Mac N Rack cart
Bigfoot DIT style cart with rear large wheels and brakes sml
Bigfoot OnSet_2
Bigfoot  MAC N RACK-Rackplus Dual monitor
Bigfoot cart  with no storage lid, 4 each babypin monitor mounts (4)
Bigfoot DIT cart with MAC drawer Cart open
Bigfoot Cart with optional C-stand mount -
Bigfoot Cubes Split-Apart with Dual 'Shock rack' chassis
Bigfoot Cubes Cart on Set, MAC system
Bigfoot  MAC N RACK-Rackplus Dual monitor
Bigfoot Cart 2RU base section-10 inch wheels
Bigfoot cart  with no storage lid, 4 each babypin monitor mounts (3)
Bigfoot cart  with no storage lid, 4 each babypin monitor mounts (2)
Andreas, Storyline, Norway on set 2
Allan Luckow , Denmark VFX green screen
Bertone Dardo
Bigfoot 2014 MAC  Split-apart Side operator with babypin and articulating monitors



Ready to jump into designing your customized Bigfoot Mobile System?

Start by reaching out below to schedule a completely free design consultation.

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